New U2 range of Solarforce XML drop-ins

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Now on the shelf - New U2 Solarforce XML drop-ins!

We have single-mode, three-mode and five-mode varieties. In order these have one mode (on/off), three modes (High 100%, Medium 45%, Low 6%), and five modes (High 100%, Medium 45%, Low 6%, Strobe, SOS).

These give an astoundingly bright light output of 550 lumens (not exagerated like most!). They have a strong centre spot and a smooth polished aluminium reflector. The higher mode versions are good to give flexibility in the use of the torch, allowing you to use the low mode for long runtime, medium for general use and high for when you need to crank it up! The strobe mode of the 5-mode is also particularly cool. Check them out below.

Also back in stock is the LC-XPG drop-ins which are tried and tested and give a cool 340 lumens output, useful for general use if the brunt of the XML isn't needed.

Any queries just get in touch!

Last update: Jul 21, 2013


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