New Solarforce Torches and Kit

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Flashlight Heaven are excited to introduce a raft of new Solarforce Torches, LED drop-ins, and various adaptors now in stock. Take a look at the products and pictures below to get your fill!

We have the incredibly good looking and compact Solarforce X2 and X3 Stainless Steel AA / AAA torches. These would be great in your bag or on a keyring as an EDC torch, or a compact torch for a trip away.

For the more demanding applications we now have the Solarforce M8 and Gladiator flashlights, designed for the security industry and professional user. These are seriously impressive pieces of kit which feel very solid and well made while lighting up a hell of a lot!

Expanding our LED modules on offer are the Solarforce Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet LED drop-ins. Other miscellaneous items which we really liked and decided to stock incloude a Lantern converter, raised torch mounts, and a bike light mount for your torch.

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Last update: Sep 24, 2013


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