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Posted by in FH News on Sep 24, 2013 .

Flashlight Heaven are excited to introduce a raft of new Solarforce Torches, LED drop-ins, and various adaptors now in stock. Take a look at the products and pictures below to get your fill!

We have the incredibly good looking and compact Solarforce X2 and X3 Stainless Steel AA / AAA torches. These would be great in your bag or on a keyring as an EDC torch, or a compact torch for a trip away.

For the more demanding applications we now have the Solarforce M8 and Gladiator...

Posted by in FH News on Nov 20, 2012 .

Now on the shelf - New U2 Solarforce XML drop-ins!

We have single-mode, three-mode and five-mode varieties. In order these have one mode (on/off), three modes (High 100%, Medium 45%, Low 6%), and five modes (High 100%, Medium 45%, Low 6%, Strobe, SOS).

These give an astoundingly bright light output of 550 lumens (not exagerated like most!). They have a strong centre spot and a smooth polished aluminium reflector. The higher mode versions are good to give flexibility in the use of...

Posted by in FH News on Jul 17, 2012 .

We have just blitzed past the 1000 feedback mark on ebay - and with a 100% positive rating! To celebrate, we're going to give every customer who makes an order this weekend a 1000p voucher (£10!). Hows that for kind?

This applies to any product, or combination of products, whatever country you are ordering from. Every single person who makes an order this weekend will get a £10 voucher to spend on their next purchase. To be eligible, simply order between 00:00 on 2012-07-21...

Posted by in FH News on Jun 14, 2012 .

We have two brilliant new items for you...

First up is an IR illuminator torch kit based on the brilliant Solarforce L2. This comes with everything you need to light up the area while still in the dark! Use with night vision equipment to gain an edge. Included is an Infra-red LED drop-in mounted in a Solarfoce L2 body, together with a 20mm rail mount and Solarforce PTS-2 remote pressure pad for easy operation.

Second is a unique tactical bipod with a head which turns, giving you a...

Posted by in FH News on Mar 08, 2012 .
New Bristol Mafia vs. The Syndicate. Street Gear vs. Suits! ....Which side will you be on?
" Take a trip into the dark world of the streets; with drug running, money laundering and police stings, this special event will keep you on your toes!
Come down to Bristol airsoft on the evening of March 18th and celebrate our 4th birthday in style! "
Bristol Airsoft are hosting this special anniversary event on March 18th 2012 to celebrate 4-years since opening....

Soon to become our personal favourites, we have two excellent new products for you - a compact tactical red laser, and a sturdy foldable bipod. The red laser is very compact and mounts to any 20mm rail type to provide an excellent weapon-mounted laser. Similarly the bipod mounts to a 20mm rail, but can also be barrel mounted - a very rigid rest which has extendable legs and can be folded back when not in use. Click through to the items below to check them out.

We now have a bigger range of CREE LED drop-in modules to suit whatever balance of runtime and brightness you're after, including the new cool kid on the block - the XM-L T6 LED which puts out a huge 750 lumens. All these drop-ins are stocked in single-mode 3V-18V varieties.

We also have a Solarforce version of the old dependable XR-E Q4 LED, named the Solarforce LC-1. This is tried and tested and gives cool and long runtimes with a very respectable 250 lumens.

Also up is the...