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Replica killflash for ACOG 4x32 scope
This killflash is a replica of the Tenebraex kill-flash for 4x32 ACOG scopes. This anti-reflectio..
Solarforce BC-1 Torch Bicycle Mount
The Solarforce BC-1 is a flashlight mount for bikes, allowing you to attach a torch to your handl..
Solarforce LT-1 L2 Torch Camping Lantern Converter and Stand
 The LT-1 easily converts your Solarforce L2 Series torch into a portable lantern or signali..
Solarforce PTS-2 Tailcap Remote Pressure Pad Switch
The Solarforce PTS-2 is a beautifully refined tail cap with remote pressure pad for using your to..
Solarforce PTS-3 Tailcap Remote Pressure Pad Switch
The Solarforce PTS-3 is a beautifully made tail cap with a unique removable tape switch. Simply s..
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