BARE Ultrafire 9V CREE XR-E LED Torch
  • BARE Ultrafire 9V CREE XR-E LED Torch

BARE Ultrafire 9V CREE XR-E LED Torch

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The CREE XR-E LED version of the popular 9V Xenon flashlight.  Awesome quality handheld flashlight, CNC machined from a billet of aluminium. The LED light source gives a much longer battery life with equivalent light output.  Solid state light source also allows for increased impact resistance, LED bulb is virtually unbreakable! This product is the 'BARE' version of this torch - and so comes without batteries or holster.

Extremely high output and super compact.  This torch is very tough and designed to withstand the harshest conditions, it's also water-resistant. Ideal to carry with you wherever you go and for camping and hiking, always be prepared. This torch is Ultrafire brand which are designed after the genre-defining Surefire range of torches, but at a much more favourable price point!

  • Black anodised finish with laser etchings
  • 160 lumens output
  • Perfectly pre-focused beam
  • CREE XR-E light source
  • Very long battery life
  • More resistant to impact than Xenon bulbs
  • Durable bottled aluminium reflector provides a smooth, flawless beam
  • Lamp assembly compatible with Surefire flashlights
  • Strike type bezel gives you the advantage in nasty situations

The following is included with this listing:
  • Ultrafire 9V CREE LED torch

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